Dexter Dexter (GT) Gallery Quotes

Powerpuff Girls DoujinshiEdit

NO! I will never allow this! I am Dexter-Boy Genius! With the power of science I can do anything I want — even bring my sister back to life! If Victor Frankenstein can do it, so can I!
— Dexter wanting to revive his sister.

Greeting new classmates. On behalf of all my friends I would just like to express my most sincere apology concerning that little event this morning.
— Dexter introducing himself to the Powerpuff Girls

Bring it on sister.
— Dexter taunting Buttercup

You will refer me as none other than Dexter Boy Genius

You shouldn't be here...Out! Get...out!
— Dexter to Blossom after she discovered Dee Dee's body

Get out of my LA-BO-RA-TO-RY!!!
— Dexter shouting to Dee Dee

Is that all you got?
— Dexter to Mandark

No! No! Don't go away!!! Dee Dee, come back!!! Do not go!!! Do not leave me again!!!
— Dexter after his delusions about Dee Dee

Take care, Coop!
— Dexter to Coop

You sound hungry.
— Dexter to Globmonster

Sweet Einstein's ghost!
— Dexter in panic

Hey! Just... hold on... my plan... the monster.
— Dexter carried away by Blossom

Did someone say... GENIUS?
— Dexter responding to Olga Astronomonov

This unruly wire superstructure was no match for Dexter.
— Dexter after fixing the problem

If Blossom needs to defuse a bomb, we'll give Blossom all the time she... needs.
— Dexter when the Cluster attacks

I won't. I won't let it happen again! Not now, not ever again!
— Dexter saving Olga Astronomonov

Muscle... muscle... no big deal, I'll just - What am I thinking!? This isn't my lab!
— Dexter wanting to help

No, I don't think so. I don't need to be protected right now. Let's get to it.
— Dexter getting ready to fight

Eat proton compression charges, ugly!
— Dexter firing his rocket

I know... I know. ...Olga? Good bye.
— Dexter saying goodbye to Olga before their death.

Grim TalesEdit

That was terrible.
— Dexter commenting on Raven's B-day song

Hmmm... That ended sooner than expected, I must have miscalculated.
— Dexter after the foodfight of Raven and Mimi

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