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Dexter's House
Dex's house
Name Dexter's House
Type Home
Ruler Mom & Dad
Location Megaville
Notable inhabitants Dexter

Dee Dee (deceased)

Dexter's House is a location in Megaville and the home of Dexter and his parents. It only made a brief cameo in the comic. Dexter's Laboratory is also located here, but can be entered through several locations.


Dexter's House looks like a normal suburban home. It is a white-like colored house with a red roof. There sticks a piece out of the roof which has a window inside of it. On the front of the house another window can be seen next to the door. There is a small pad leading towards the entrance. In the front garden are no plants but a few bushes are seen against the house. There is a white fence around the house and a mailbox.


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