Demongo Gallery Quotes

Grim TalesEdit

Pitiful, I who was once known as "Demongo" Lord of Essence, one of the greatest generals of the Dark Master's Army. Reduced to this... A royal herald and jester, to his evil lordship and a babysitter to his pompous spoiled princess, Chi.
— Demongo, having self-pity about his current situation.

That child unnerves me.
— Demongo, about Mimi.

Yup, my kind of place
— Demongo, about the Land of Tainted Souls.

Impressive. Not only that but she mastered the shape-shifting art within a short period of time. Maybe she's not just a spoiled brat after-
— Demongo, in regarding of Chi's discovery and mastering the arts of signal travel and shape-shifting.

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