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TeeHee!I've always wanted to do this....Skirt Flip!
— Demon Child
Demon Child
Demon Child
Name Demon Child
Alias DC
Sex Male
Age Infinite
Species Devil
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Brunette
Relatives Satan (father)
Friends Skull Boy (love interest)
Occupation(s) Prince of Hell
Residence Hell

Demon Child is a main character of The New Adventures of Skull Boy. He is the son of Satan and is a homosexual who has a crush on Skull Boy.


Demon Child first appeared when he ran away from his father to the Human World. He was completely naked, he felt a bit cold and then went over to some people, taking out their dog, and killed them. He dressed himself with their clothes, even the dog's collar.

Demon Child was watching a movie but decided to leave because he didn't like it. He walked over the streets and saw Skull Boy and Eight-Bit and he immediately fell in love with Skull Boy. He then followed Skull Boy. Skull Boy and 8-Bit went to the Seven Circles of Pizza where he encountered Stalker Girl who also was after Skull Boy, so DC beat her up. Demon Child was later inside restaurant, waiting for Skull Boy's shift to end.


Demon Child is a black devil with a red devil tail and tiny black bat wings. He also has big ears and big gray horns. He has brunette hair and red eyes. He arrives naked on Earth so he decided to kill some people to get clothes. He now wears a orange jacket with a pink shirt underneath, tight black jeans and a black dog-collar. He also had black fingertipless gloves and wears a bracelet. He also has a pink heart tattoo on his butt. In Deliver Us Evil, his dog-collar was removed from his appearance, he remained his other clothing though.

Powers and Abilities

Demon Child, as a devil, possesses great powers although none of them have been seen yet. Although he was seen killing two people and a dog in brief seconds, and he also badly wounded Stalker Girl.


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