Deegee Gallery Quotes
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Name Deegee
Sex Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Occupation(s) Digital Artist
Residence Bleedman's PC

Deegee is an original character made by Bleedman. She doesn't appear in any of the comics, but has been featured in many, in total 8, art pieces. Deegee seems to have several interests. She is a digital artist and is often seen drawing with her pencil or on her computer.


She wants to ride motercycles or at least drawing herself on one. She also seems to have an interest in wolves. She has drawn a wolf that looked similar to the Big Bad Wolf but it went berserk on her, designed an armored wolf mech that she would be able to ride, and an almost naked wolf in her sketchbook.


Deegee has short black hair with two longer bangs that go down next to her ears. She has green eyes and has black fingernail varnish. She is seen wearing a red hoodie, with on the side of her cap a black flame. Her hoodie doesn't have any sleeves but it does have two black string, to adjust the caps size, and wears two big black bracelets. She wears a very short black skirt (or shorts) but most of it is covered by her hoodie. She wears black and red striped stockings and big gray shoes with a teeth styled bottom.


  • Some fans believe that she is the manifestion of Bleedman himself. Being the one who makes the conmissions and all that.
  • Deegee has drawn Fang, an earlier fan character from Bleedman based on Red  from Ever After, a motorcycle, the Big Bad Wolf, a ghost rider furry, a Captain America furry and a regular wolf furry.
  • She resembles Red Riding Hood a lot and draws a lot of wolves, but none of them have any connections though.
  • Deegee's name seems to be derived from the word Digi, which is also interesting because she lives in Bleedman's PC