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Courage Campus
Courage campus
Name Courage Campus
Type Kingdom
Ruler King
Location Harmonia
Notable inhabitants King

Hansel (former)

Courage Campus is a location in Harmonia that appears in Sugar Bits.

It is the academy of valour and bravery. Those in charge of protecting Harmonia graduate from this college, and they are regarded as some of the finest leaders and role-models you will find anywhere. King is the ruler of this place and checks if everything goes right in the world. BraveBo and Hansel are prominent members of the Brave Hearts who are often get tasked with dangerous mission by King. Robin also has said that she wanted to be a Brave Heart and made this wish come true, as she and Nemo became part of the rescuers.

Sugar BitsEdit

It first appeared in the introduction but made its real first appearance when Bo woke up from her bad dream. She, along with Brave went to King to tell him about this strange dream. King explained that dreams mostly are true and that there might be some trouble so he sended Bo and Brave to Confectionaria so they could enter Dystopius. It later made a brief appearance when Cupcake called King about her strange feeling about Hansel and Ginger.

It appeared again in the sixth chapter. King was seen watching Ginger in her room with his spy cam, from his chamber. He saw that she was talking to someone else, that person being Licorice. He concluded that Licorice was a  manifestion of Ginger's sorrow about her mothers death. The Dormouse then adviced King to go and visit his daughter, Bo, in the hospital and he did so.

It was later revealed by Chesna Lovinia, that Courage Campus is part of the Brigde of Light project.

Sugar Bits Locations

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