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Confectionaria 2
Name Confectionaria
Type Kingdom
Ruler Ginger
Location Harmonia
Notable inhabitants Ginger

Hansel Gingerman
Professor Çocoa

Confectionaria is a location from Sugar Bits set in Harmonia. It is the place where princess Ginger and Hansel live. Because of Confectionaria's excistance that people eat chocolate, children love their ice cream, that Pepsi and Coca Cola have become household names and that dentist get paid so much.

Sugar BitsEdit

Confectionaria appeared at the beginning of the story where Hansel was supporting the Gingerbreadmen in their work, when suddenly Kaveeteh appeared but quickly was beaten by Hansel. When walking through the corridors he got attacked by Cupcake and Mint. The three went to the gardens where they encountered Ginger. Hansel commanded Ginger to get out of the tree and she did. Ginger asked Hansel to hold her "Hope" necklace. They then held a food fight until KingBrave and Bo appeared. Cupcake was brought home by King while in the meantime Bo gave Hansel a kiss which made Ginger jealous.

At the same day at night Hansel woke up after a dream and went out of his room when he suddenly saw Ginger walking away to the kitchen while holding a giant lollipop. He followed her only to encounter Mindsnare who dragged him into Dystopius.

When everyone returns back to Harmonia after the conflict in Dystopius, Ginger was grounded and had to stay in her room. There she was kept under surveillance by King through a spy cam. Ginger was talking to Licorice who was slowly fading away.

Licorice didn't disappear however and later she would take Ginger back to Dystopius. In Gene's mansion, she meets Chensa Lovinia, who revealed that Confectionaria is supossed to be part of the Bridge of Light project.


  • Ginger's Bedroom: one important note is that, while the door is sprayed with several texts in it's first appearance it is completely clean in its second appearance.
  • Hansel's Bedroom
  • Corridors
  • Bedroom Halls
  • Kitchen
  • Sugar Core: the lab where all the sweetness it send from to Earth.
  • Juicy Fruit Garden: mostly concists out of bouncy marshmallows, candy trees and oreo's.


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