Buttercup Buttercup (GT) Gallery Quotes
What I'd give to kick some butt now. How about you, Bubbles?
— Buttercup to Bubbles

You're about to get a big kick out of this, four-eyes!!!
— Buttercup to Dexter

Forget the tactic crap!!! This calls for some good old fashioned... BUTT WHOOPIN!!!
— Buttercup fighting the Dread Dragon

Okay, four-eyes! What did you do to her?!
— Buttercup to Otto

Let the ham go!
— Buttercup demanding Samantha to let Coop go.

You can bet a dollar on it!
— Buttercup to Samantha after punching her in the face

Finally! I'm starving!
— Buttercup arriving at school

— Buttercup telling her dad about the letter

Oh man, not even a trial?
— Buttercup's opinion about her punishment

I can't believe they're leashing me to this mutt.
— Buttercup when Courage has to watch over her

Today's special: steamed Buttercup.
— Buttercup when she has to cook

Man, I'm good.
— Buttercup getting complimented

I have to... be in a refreshment stand... with Sensei Jack?

An old friend of yours, huh?
— Buttercup to Blossom when Bell arrives


— After Jack slashes Commander Destruction

Surprise. I'm back. Stop running so we can finish this.
— Buttercup to Samantha

Are those ray bans? Cool!
— Buttercup receiving her Black Glasses

BZZT! Wrong! Thanks... for PLAYING!
— Buttercup throwing Samantha away

Let's give your computer a REBOOT.
— Buttercup smashing Samantha

BAM! That's for the sucker punch, ugly!
— Buttercup punching Samantha

Can't be bossy-blossy without that big ol' bow!
— Buttercup reattaching Blossom's bow

Hey,Snowdrop! Let's Dance!
— Buttercup to Bell

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