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No, I still think it sucks!
— Buttercup to Professor Utonium after he gave information about new life.

Buttercup Utonium














Name Buttercup Utonium
Origin The Powerpuff Girls
Sex Female
Age 11
Species Transhuman
Status Alive
Eye Color Light Green
Hair Color Black
Relatives Professor Utonium (father/creator)
Blossom, Bubbles, Bunny (sisters) Dr. X (Uncle) Bell, Barasia, Breannin, (Cousins {Technically})
Friends Sensei Jack, Dexter, Tootie, Suzy, Courage
Enemies Samantha, Bell, Mojo Jojo, HIM, Princess Morbucks, Fuzzy Lumpkins
Occupation(s) School Student, Bounty Hunter
Residence Powerpuff House, Megaville

Buttercup is one of the Powerpuff Girls and is one of the main characters from Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. She is the sister of Blossom and Bubbles. She originated from the Cartoon Network series The Powerpuff Girls.

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

Buttercup moved, along with her sisters Bubbles and Blossom, to Megaville from their former home in "The City of Townsville," and attended the Megaville Elementary School. On the first day of school, Buttercup had an altercation with Dexter, but the fight was broken up by the school's gym teacher Jack. Later on, Buttercup was inside with Blossom and Dexter, when Courage approached them and said that Bubbles was being attacked by the "Dread Dragon". A monster created by Mojo Jojo, and sent to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. The three of them fought it and managed to rescue Bubbles, but Buttercup was captured in it's mouth towards the end of the battle. It was at that point that Jack arrived at the battle and slayed the monster, saving Buttercup from it.

After this incident, Buttercup wasn't seen for a while, until the fight between Dexter and Mandark. Buttercup helped Coop and Megas in their fight with Samantha, who, at the time, was about to kill Coop, so Buttercup surprised Samantha with a "sucker punch." Samantha was a being whom was brought back by one of the members of the "Darkstar Council". When Mandark summoned a giant Cluster that captured Dexter, Buttercup smashed it, freeing Dexter and then escaping along with the girls and Dexter on Megas.

Buttercup attended a Kendo class, along with other students like Otto, Suzy and Tootie. But because of her love for fighting, Buttercup easily and handily beat-down everyone she faced, and The Professor was forced to go and speak with Jack about her impulsive behavior. It was decided that she wasn't going to be grounded but instead, Courage would have to be with her the at all times and take notes of her actions, in order to insure she would behave properly. The Professor also thought it would be better if she did other activities. He first let her try out a science course, but that didn't work out, with Buttercup's personality. So instead, they tried a cooking course, which, oddly, seemed to fit better with Buttercup, and so it became a success.

At a later point, Buttercup was going to attend the science fair, in order to make snacks, along with Jack, and sell them to the students and visitors. While they were about to watch a special dance performance, GIR suddenly intruded on the event and Jenny went to try and get rid of him, but GIR, instead, placed a machine on her head, which turned Jenny into a portal between the Cluster Zone and Megaville.

When this occurred, Buttercup encountered Samantha again and battled against her, along with Jack. Despite his efforts, Samantha defeated Jack and stole his trademark katana, but Buttercup would continue the fight with her in an effort to get it back. Samantha then attempted to make her way to Bell, but Blossom and Buttercup followed her. There, Buttercup fought Samantha again, but she eventually retreated from the battle, and instead, went after Blossom and Bell, while Buttercup was occupied in a fight against another, giant Cluster. After defeating the Cluster, Buttercup resumed her pursuit and followed Samantha, Blossom and Bell.

She caught up with Samantha who was about to attack Blossom. But luckily Buttercup grabbed Samantha and tossed her away, allowing Blossom to proceed. Buttercup continues with a barrage of attacks on Samantha, mocking her in the process, making Samantha deadly furious. Buttercup's attacks reveal more of her robotic body, and Buttercup got the upper hand. However Samantha launched a rocket fist at Buttercup's head, which was followed by a punch of Buttercup against Sam's jaw. Samantha then threw chains towards Buttercup which tied around her legs, followed by Sam grabbing her limbs with her chain arms. Sam charged up a laser, but got interrupted by the energy balls that were reflected by Blossom down below. One of the energy balls went right through Buttercup and Samantha, destroying the hand, and blaster, of Samantha, as well as the chain that held Buttercup's limbs. Buttercup noted that it would sting, following by a backflip which caused the balls on the chains, around her legs, to jam into Sam's face. She quickly unties the chains, while questioning who uses chains in a battle, and heads down below to the fight of Blossom and Bell.

She comes right in time to block the incoming attack of Bell on Blossom, by taking all of the damage to the left side of her head, making it bleed. Buttercup quickly send her flying with a punch. Buttercup helped Blossom get up and reattach her bow on her head, although not as she always wears it. Buttercup proceeds by ripping off a part of her shorts to conceal the burn wounds of her sister, while they talk about each others wounds. Blossom in turn rips off a piece of her shirt to treat the bleeding wound on Buttercup's forehead. Samantha then also joins in again, so Blossom and Buttercup decide to take a different approach.

While Blossom fights Samantha, Buttercup heads over to Bell. They clashby bashing both their hands into each other. Buttercup quickly reacts and throws Bell into the air, while still holding her. GIR then wants to throw a bomb from a slingshot at Buttercup, but she destroys it with her laser. Bell commands Buttercup to put her down. So, Buttercup grabs Bell and performs a final atomic buster on Bell. GIR fires smoke bombs, disabling Buttercup from doing anything. Samantha sees the oppertunity and wants to attack Buttercup, but Blossom quickly follows her into the smoke cloud. It ends up with Samantha grabbing Blossom with her mechanical tentacles, and holding the katana against her throat. She mocks Buttercup by saying that she is going to kill Blossom. She then slits the throat of Blossom but nothing happened because the katana only can hurt evil. As Samantha is surprised Buttercup bashes into her to free Blossom, and rapidly beats her. Blossom hugs and thanks Buttercup, but that moment is quickly interrupted when Blossom doesn't know what to do anymore. She has to make a decision whether to keep hugging Buttercup or to push her away to let the katana go between them. She chooses the latter which results in the katana piercing through Samantha. This causes her to step back, and fall in the electricity and makes completes the connection of the machine again and triggers the bomb. Blossom realized she had made the wrong choice and realized she killed Samantha and activated the bomb. She fall on her knees in despair, while Bell and GIR escape, though Buttercup wants to go after them. As Blossom and Buttercup are leaving, they are stopped by Dee Dee, holding the katana, who asks them to follow her.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Powerpuff Girl, Buttercup is able to use many different powers and abilities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Flight: Like all of the Powerpuff Girls, Buttercup is able to fly and leaves a green trail behind in the air.
  • Laser Vision: Also a standard Powerpuff-power. Like her flight trail, her laser eyes are green.
  • X-ray vision: Buttercup has the ability to see through walls, buildings, floors, etc.
  • Sonic Scream: Similar to Bubbles, Buttercup can use this technique, but does not surpass her sister Bubbles, who has mastered this skill.
  • Enhanced Durability: Like all the Powerpuff Girls, Buttercup can endure a great amount of damage. In the original, Cartoon Network-Canon, she is considered to be the toughest of the three.
  • Invunerability: Resistance to elemental attacks, bullet-proof body, and an immunity to all attacks that can hurt the "average" meta-human.
  • Tornado Spin: Buttercup has mastered and perfected this skill and thus, has the strongest version of it.
  • Energy Projection: A physical, outward-manifestation of her bodily energy in the form of "Blasts."
  • Super Strength: Like her sisters, Buttercup is gifted with abnormal amounts of Super-Strength [even for a meta-human.] and because of her love for fighting, Buttercup is the strongest of the three siblings.
  • Super Speed: Like Bubbles and Blossom, Buttercup is also gifted with incredible Superspeed, above the average meta-human, though Bubbles is still considered to be the fastest of the three.

Each sister possesses an ability unique only to them, which in Buttercups's case, is the ability to roll her tongue... And her real special power, to throw "Fireballs" from her hands. Buttercup is very good in hand-to-hand combat, the best out of the three sisters. Buttercup is also the "toughest" out of the trio because of her ability to withstand more, accumulative damage from attacks (due to her immense durability), usually outlasting her sisters in a hard battle, however, it's usually the case that she has to endure more damage because, unlike her sister, Blossom, Buttercup lacks the ability to formulate complex battle-strategies, and is more of what would be considered as a 'brawler,' rather than a tactician. Like the other Powerpuff Girls, Buttercup can survive, unaided, in the vacuum of space.


Being the toughest of the group means her aggression gets the better of her, making her a little reckless and stubborn (but she over came it in the episode "Makes Zen to Me"). She also showed a greedy side in the episode "Moral Decay," to which she knocked out bad guys' teeth for money. She has shown these sides, and a softer side in several episodes. For example, in the episode "Cover Up", she had a soft green blanket that she was obsessed with that she would hug that gave her the confidence to be a better fighter, and she is quite protective over her sisters. She possesses a violent and mean streak not displayed by her sisters. During the birth of the girls in The Powerpuff Girls Movie, she was initially shown to look extremely happy with wide eyes and an open mouthed smile up to the point where, last of the three girls, Professor Utonium said he would name her Buttercup because, like both of her sisters' names, it also begins with a B. Once she heard this, Buttercup immediately crossed her arms and pouted, "Hmph!" This may explain her tough nature. It is also revealed in the movie that Buttercup inspired the other girls to use their powers to fight crime and the forces of evil after she knocks down a giant evil gorilla who caused her to lose her temper with one punch; ironically, she initially apologized profusely for her actions, thinking she would get in trouble with everyone. Her greatest dislike of all time is admitting defeat, because of this, the Powerpuff Girls were able to achieve victory against the Rowdyruff Boys in "The Boys are Back in Town." Her ingredient is spice and her signature color is light green, and is a Tomboy, which is expressed by her aggressive, violent nature, and her dislike of girly things.


In the show Powerpuff Girls, Buttercup has light green eyes with short black hair in a flip with a small triangular part on her forehead. She wears a light green dress with a black belt, long white socks and Mary Jane shoes. In the Bleedman comics, she wears a green Megaville uniform that involves a green skirt with white panties underneath and top with red bow attached, which makes up her school uniform. Her regular outfit is the same as her cartoon counterpart, albeit drawn with more detail and accuracy because of her now completely human-like physiology.

During the science fair she wears a yellow outfit when serving Takoyaki. There is a red button on top of her shirt and red edges on the sleeves. She also wears a little square hat with a red edge at the bottom. During the fight she looses the hat. When going to the underground to assist Blossom she pulls off her yellow shirt, but wears a white shirt underneath it, but it is a bit short as it shows her belly button . She is also wearing yellow-beige pants with white panties underneath. During the fight with Samantha she gets a sucker punch by Samantha resulting in a black eye. After wrapping up Blossom's hands, Buttercup's pants have been ripped short to her knees.


Buttercup is a Powerpuff Girl originally from the cartoon Network show The Powerpuff Girls. Her and her sisters were created accidentally when Professor Utonium added Chemical X to his concoction of ingredients for the perfect little girls. Using their special powers, they took to fighting crime and became Townsvilles greatest super heroines. Buttercup has short black hair in a flip with a small triangular part on her forehead. She has light green eyes, and dresses in light green. Referred to in the ending theme as "the toughest fighter", she is the group's tough one and is easily enraged.


  • When Buttercup Sucker Punches Samantha, this is a reference to an episode of the the Powerpuff Girls, titled, "Moral Decay", this was later also shown in a memory.
  • She acts similar to Goku from "Dragon Ball Z" during a fight, while wearing a blond wig, similar to Goku in his "Super Saiyajin" form.
  • In the first battle against Dexter, Buttercup uses an attack which is one of the moves of Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series, Power Wave.
  • Buttercup is also shown to remember various instances from the Powerpuff Girls series, such as the time when she wouldn't take a bath, as well as when they cut Blossom's hair, when Bubbles had to wear glasses, when "Dynamo," accidentally destroyed the city, when Buttercup, herself, was stealing teeth for money from the Toothfairy, and when they were burned by the Sun.
  • Buttercup is on Santa's naughty list along with Bell and Mandy.
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