Bubbles Bubbles (GT) Gallery Quotes
Hello, you little most cutest dog in the world!!!
— Bubbles meeting Courage

How about... a Genius Boy?
— Bubbles when Blossom bumps into Dexter

Hi, I'm Bubbles. I'm a Powerpuff Girl. I like drawing and I love hamsters. Do you like hamsters?
— Bubbles introducing herself to Mandy

Eeep! Bombs!
— Bubbles when Mandark summons the time bombs

Eeep! Cooties!
— Bubbles when Buttercup talks about cooties

...Yeah, monster may be scary, but as long as we work together, we can beat them up.
— Bubbles to Mandy and Gaz

You run the dance troupe? Hi, I'm Bubbles!
— Bubbles introducing herself to Olga

He's coming home with us? Yay!
— Bubbles when Courage stays with them

Raindrops keep falling on my head
— A random Bubbles comment

Next time, easy on the potato salad.
— Bubbles to a barfing Courage

Oh-my-gosh!! Tremorton's XJ-9! You're a superhero!
— Bubbles when seeing Jenny

Jenny you're awesome! You're like a big robot sister!
— Bubbles to Jenny

I've... got you!
— Bubbles saving the dance group

I think I hit my head really hard.

I'm so sorry for leaving you alone, Courage... From now on, I'll protect you! I'll make this up to you, Courage! After we get out of this I'll~ Oh! Let's talk later okay?
— Bubbles helping Courage

Stupid door! You made him look bad!
— Bubbles kicking the door

Yay! Dynamo! She's back!
— Bubbles when seeing Dynamo

I... won't... let... you... win!
— Bubbles stopping the Cluster

I'm sorry, Courage. I'm so sorry Blossom... Buttercup... they're... they're g-g-gone! We couldn't do it... I couldn't do it.
— Bubbles facing her death with Courage

Don't be afraid... don't be afraid... don't look. Don't look Courage, and it will be fine. It will... all... be okay
— Bubbles comforting Courage as they are about to die

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