Brain Dead
Genre Zombie Apocalypse
Created by Nick Kirschner
Published by
Original Run October 2008 - Ongoing
Chapters 1
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Brain Dead is a comic made by Nick Kirschner. The story is centered around a zombie apocalypse with a young man named Zack as the main character. Zack is attempting to flee from zombies in the street after exiting his apartment and finding them everywhere. He meets Ivan, who saves him from the zombies and go to save his girlfriend Julie.

The story was updated on random dates, he often was busy with other things and also made pages to apologize for that. The last update was in April 2012, so it isn't known if the comic is going to be updated anymore.


Zack wakes up in the morning and expects another lame day. He walks to the window and sees the opposite, a zombie apocalypse. He first thought it may be a bad dream but that is proved wrong by the screaming from outside. He quickly dresses himself and eats something, he then tries to call Julie but couldn't reach her. Instead Zack grabbed a wooden bat and headed outside. He ran through his appartment slamming zombies in the head and arrived outside. He saw a group of zombies and tried to sneak away but suddenly his phone rang. Zack ran away as quickly as possible and picked up the phone and heard Julie who asked if he was okay. Zack said to lock the doors and wait for him to arrive.

Zack kept smashing zombies until his bat broke. He tried to hold off another zombie by putting the remaining part of the bat in his mouth. He saw a truck incoming and pushed the zombie in front of it. Zack called for help when suddenly the same zombie appeared again but was killed by Ivan's axe. Ivan then took Zack with him and they headed towards Julie's appartment.

Meanwhile a group of four people were defending themselves from the zombies when they each got taken by the zombies. Only their leader was left and saw Ivan's truck and called for help but was ignored and died. They arrived at Julie's appartment, Ivan killed some zombies while Zack encountered a zombie BioHazard. She attacked him but was killed by Ivan. They headed inside and saw that the zombies couldn't open doors. They went upstairs and found Julie and took her with them, Julie handed a metal bat over to Zack. They sneaked through the corridors along with Shaggy and Scooby Doo who instead went into Julie's room and got eaten by the zombies.

Zack, Julie and Ivan had to escape but the traps were filled with too many zombies. They instead opened the elevator and climbed down with a ladder when they arrived on the basic ground a man stood in front of them who got punched by Ivan.


Brain DeadEdit

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  • Biohazard from Griddles' stories makes a cameo appearance as a "cute little zombie girl".
  • Shaggy and Scooby from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! make an appearance in the comic.
  • There were several refrences made from The Legend of Zelda, mostly when Zack obtained a new item.
  • Zack also makes a refrence to The Shining when he says: "Here's...", which in the movie is "Here's Johnny."

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