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Name Bosun
Sex Female
Species HydroGaian
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Friends The Boss

Bosun is an original character created by Griddles. She has been only featured in art from Bleedman and Griddles.


She is a character created by Griddles. Bosun is a HydroGaian - a wielder of elements who specializes in the manipulation of water. Her real name is unknown even to herself as she was erased of her past life as part of a government project called Junior Citizen.

Bosun refers to the first mate aboard a ship. In her case, her captain is the organisation that made her. Well, until they tried to kill her off.

Now on the run, she finds solitude with a mysterious lady who takes her in and gives her a home. To some, this lady is a Queen. A demon. Or perhaps the Boss.

But Bosun couldn't be happier because finally she has a family to belong to.

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