Blossom Blossom (GT) Gallery Quotes

Powerpuff Girls DoujinshiEdit

Don't worry, Dexter. It's gonna be okay. I won't let anything happen to you! I'll always be by your side! I just want you to know that I...I...
— Blossom confessing her feelings to Dexter

Let's do things like we always do...
— Blossom to her sisters

"You're a time traveler!!?"
— Blossom when she discovers Otto Osworth's indendety

— Blossom vs. Bell

I really hate to do this, but you left me no choice. You've officially ticked me off. AND I'M NOT IN A VERY FORGIVING MOOD!
— Blossom to Bell

*gulp* Y-You don't know w-who you're messing with.
— Blossom to Mandark

Kinda funny... how the people we take for granted ...are the ones we would miss most.
— Blossom to Dexter

Work on the project here?
— Blossom trying to have a conversation with Olga

Amazing! Buttercup, how did you do it?
— Blossom complementing Buttercup's cooking skills

Alright, who wants some potato salad?

Bell! She's back!
— Blossom's reaction when the Cluster invades

Is this a game to you!?
— Blossom to Bell

Beat it. Beetle!
— Blossom to Kuwagus

— Blossom shouting to Buttercup

Okay! You want to play, snow white?! LET'S PLAY!'
— Blossom to Bell

Bell, you aren't paying attention.
— Blossom having the upper hand on Bell

You just sound so sad.
— Blossom almost defeated by Bell

Grim TalesEdit

Oh my God...
— Blossom witnessing the explosion

It's ok, sweetie. I'm here for you.
— Blossom trying to comfort Mimi

— Blossom to Mimi before her death.

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