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  • Mangelo212

    PPGD character list

    April 26, 2015 by Mangelo212

    Needs a lot of Expansion in PPGD wiki

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  • Mangelo212

    A wiki project must Be updated and complete immediately.

    see also:

    • Dexter,Blossom,Bubbles,Buttercup,Otto,Courage,Jack-sensei,Mandy,Ben Tennyson (only part of my Fanon)

    • Ms. Honeydew,Monkey,Amazo,Harold Cooplowski & Megas,Grim,Dee dee,Dynamo,Gaz,Dib,Professor Membrane,Jenny Wakeman,Nora Wakeman,Sheldon Lee,Professor Utonium,Dr. Brisbaine,Boomer,Brick,Butch,Weasel,Tootie,Suzy,Reginald Skarr,Atomic Betty,Robot X-5,Sparky,Tucker Foley,Naga

    • Bell,GIR,Mandark,Samantha,DSC members,Dr. X.,Mojo Jojo
    • Armed Force,Purple,Red,Zim,Vexus,Protoboy,Orbots


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  • NikkiKikiZelonss


    March 29, 2015 by NikkiKikiZelonss


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  • GrandMike

    How would you like they're story lines to go?

    Personally I think Bleedman is actually moving towards Blossom and brick after that thing with Dexter and Olga. Thank Goodness

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  • GrandMike

    Voltron was one of the first shows on Toonami during the formative years and Sym Bionic Titan was axed too soon. Plus who would want a team up of Voltron and CN's Two favorite Mega Bots- Megas and Sym Bionic Titan

    Question though how tall's Megas?

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  • GrandMike

    Songs for PPGD fan intros

    October 28, 2014 by GrandMike

    If I were ever able to make my own PPGD fan intro I would do two versions one for the PPG and One for The RRB

    This song would go to the girls

    This one the boys

    And A Combo one would have this song,d.eXY

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  • GrandMike

    Black Dynamite in PPGD

    October 27, 2014 by GrandMike

    While I know The First thing out of Black Dynamite's mouth would be "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ALL LITTLE SUPER POWERED CHIDRENS FROM THE FUTURE ABOUT INTERRUPTING BLACK DYNAMITE DURING HIS KUNG FU?" Who would like to see him bust some Darkstar heads

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  • OctoberSnow

    The Chronicles of the Demonic Children


    There's a loudness to the whispers I hear. Whispers shouldn't be this loud. Should they? I've got different voices telling me who to be and where to go, but none of them are mine. They're screaming one second, then gone the next.

    Well, at least they may seem like they're gone; they'll be back eventually. These type of things, you can't just brush off. It's like... you're Peter Pan and they're your shadow. You don't need this shadow of yours, but you find yourself looking for it constantly. Understand?

    After a while of developing them, you grow use to them. They've become the closest things to you and no one else seems to matter. It's like you're not as human as you were before. Once you've gotte…

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  • Ktmaster

    I've looked around and I've seen some pretty nasty evil Bleedman villains and I want to know which is the vilest, darkest most evil of them all. My two primary candidates are Him and Barasisa. Him because of all of the despicable things he's done to his own daughter. He sees her as nothing more than a tool he manipulates her and everyone around him and soiled her innocence not to mention the fact he cut of her hands and replaced them with claws and infused her with the devil essence and forced her to kill her own mother(whom he probably raped) and was pretty much responsible for the world being in the shae that it is in Grim Tales. As for Barasia, it's for the countless people that she's slaughtered without giving it a second thought and w…

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  • OctoberSnow

    p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }

    The Chronicles of the Peculiar Children: Forrest Foster


    Hi, my name is Forrest Foster and I'm 16 years old.

    Sadly, unlike some of you, my friend is a part of my past; therefore I must look upon my future that is to come with no regrets.

    You see, my eyes symbolize two exact opposites: my right eye is scarlet to represent evil and chaos in its purest form... also known as my father- The Lord of Chaos.

    Coincidently, my left eyes is violet to signify serenity and grace. After all, my mother is The Queen of Grace.

    Unfortunately, I reside with my father, only because my mother wasn't physically present.

    Surprisingly, when she left, instead of leaving something for me, she took something from me. T…

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  • F.U.N.K V.O.L.U.M.E

    PPG and GT are both full of awesome crossovers and cameos, but really, no shit. They're freaking fanfiction. Anything can happen. But if anything can happen, and anyone can appear, who do you think should guest star?

    Allow me to give some examples. I'm gonna start with the characters that have already appeared and might come back.




    Now here's some characters that haven't appeared.




    These are just random ideas. What would you want to see?

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  • DexMasterJedi

    Note: This game is just made-up, so please don't feel discouraged.
    PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi: The Cluster Wars is a video game based on the storyline of Bleedman's webcomic Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi.

    The rating of the game is targeted either E+10 (Ages 10 and Up) or Teen (Ages 13 and Up) for cartoon violence and mild language.

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  • Blossom and Bunny

    NO WAY!!!XD

    March 29, 2014 by Blossom and Bunny


    oh mr belly-XD

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  • Blossom and Bunny


    February 27, 2014 by Blossom and Bunny

    i had this sh*t's video of painting but it deleted...********

    but i take a video of the time i was finishing it...

    WHAT THE  ************?!


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  • DarKingdomHearts

    Dissidia Grim Tales

    February 13, 2014 by DarKingdomHearts

    Dissidia Grim Tales is a video game developed by Square Enix in cooperation with Snafu Comics, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. It is based on the previous Dissidia Final Fantasy games. The game is available for both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. Dissidia's genre has been described as "dramatic progressive action," featuring characters battling in a 3D-environment with the ability to level up and customize characters.

    The story is based on the main storyline of Grim Tales and features a wide range of characters. Many of them have to be unlocked in the story in order to play as them. During the storyline there are flashback levels. However the Further Orientation levels are not part of the main and are unlocked upon reaching a certain p…

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  • DarKingdomHearts

    Voice Actors?

    February 1, 2014 by DarKingdomHearts

    So I had been wondering. If Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi, Grim Tales and/or Sugar Bits ever make it to be an anime or a cartoon (or inbetween, kinda like what Avatar is) then the characters also should have voice actors. I'm not really good with voice actors, but I'll give it a try. Characters with an asterix (*) have the voice actors from their shows.


    • Blossom by Cathy Cavadini*
    • Bubbles by Tara Strong*
    • Buttercup by E.G. Daily*
    • Dexter by Terrance Stone
    • Sensei Jack by Phil LaMarr*
    • Courage by Marty Grabstein*
    • Bell by Jessica DiCicco
    • GIR by Rosearik Rikki Simons*
    • Mandark Astronominov by Eddie Deezen* (till chapter 6)
    • Otto Osworth by Greg Cipes
    • Olga Astronominov by Melissa Fahn (starting chapter 7)


    • Harold Cooplowski by David DeLuise*
    • Jenny by Jani…

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  • ZILLA-98


    January 25, 2014 by ZILLA-98
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  • Paexgo

    ♡First Love♡

    January 18, 2014 by Paexgo


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  • Angprinsesangcute

    The story jumped to after the whole Pucca series. Enjoy reading!                                                                                                                                                     ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assasinate?

    Pucca's POV

    Lalalalalala! Hmmm..... I wonder where is Garu? Is he fighting Tobe? Tobe has kept Garu away from me so long.......... Speaking of Garu, Ching said to go meet her at the restauraunt. What does she want to discuss? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    I opened the restaurant …

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  • Blossom and Bunny

    200px]] |alias = BB ,Scarf-Girl ,BlossyPie ,Doğa ,Nature |sex = Female |age = 14 |species = Human |status = Alive |eyes = Brown |hair = Brown |friends = Angprincessangcute ,Msanimemangalover ,DKH ,Hassan-sayed ,Pinkbuttons |enemies = people who ship discusting things(human+monster)people draws wrong ,b*tch |occupation = Student ,Drawer |residence = World ,Turkey ,İstanbul}}

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  • Angprinsesangcute

    Before we start mi amigos, this story is dedicated to the people who love Pucca x Garu!

    The start

    Garu's POV

    I was walking to the new village where I was living. Sooga village. Mom told me it was a peaceful place. We'll see about that. To tell the truth, I wasn't excited about moving to a new village. The only thing I was excited about was becoming a ninja. To save everyone of the village! I finally reached my new home. Dad told me that home was good for ninja's to live in. My home was right outside of Sooga village, it was also in the woods so nobody could touch it or break it. Heh, no wonder dad said the house was for ninja's. I smiled. My dad is really clever. I turned and saw my cat, Mio. "Mio, are you starting to like our new village?" I…

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  • Yina gotheticus


    November 21, 2013 by Yina gotheticus


    could someone tell me where l  help

    to the wikisnafu

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  • NikkiKikiZelonss


    November 12, 2013 by NikkiKikiZelonss



    Real Name Kida stones
    Gender Female
    Species Human/plant
    Age 15 (16 in Season 1 of Danny & Sam, 17 in Season 2 of Danny & Sam, and 18 in Season 3 of Danny & Sam) 25 in the ultmate enemry 35 in Grim tales
    Homeworld Amity Park, Earth
    First appearance  The Ultimate Enemy
    Grim Tales From Down Below
    Grim Tales After Birth
    legendary destination comic
    Last appearance The Ultimate Enemy
    Grim Tales From Down Below
    Grim Tales After Birth
    legendary destination comic
    Friends Dan phantom
    Grim Jr
    love interest Dan Phantom
    enemies Danny Fenton
    Sam Manson
    Tucker foley
    Maria millet
    Raven Roth
    hair color Black Hair - Black (Before Transformation) Red (After transformation)
    Eyes color Black ( Before Transformation) Green ( After Trans…

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  • NikkiKikiZelonss

    Raven roth

    November 12, 2013 by NikkiKikiZelonss

    Raven Roth

    Name Raven Roth
    Gender Female
    hair color Black
    Eyes color Black/Red (After Tranformation
    Species Human/Demon
    Age: 24
    Grim tales 38
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Black/red (After Tranformation)

    Personal Information

    Nick names: Roman bitch
    queen bitch
    sexy mama
    daddy lil girl
    Residence: Amity Park
    Homeworld: Earth
    Occupation(s) Super Hero
    Residence Castle Evergrim (former)
    Friends Dan Phantom
    Enemies ivy
    Demon Reaper
    Dan Phantom
    Pet Pikachu
    relatives Christina(Daughter)
    Manny Phantom(nephew)
    Daniela Phantom(nice)
    Grim Jr. (nephew)
    Minimandy (neice)
    Maria millet (Past Self)
    Clockwork (Step Dad)
    First appearance the ultimate enemy
    Grim tales From Down Below
    Grim Tales After birth
    legendary destination comic
    Last appearance
    The Ultimat…

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  • NikkiKikiZelonss


    November 12, 2013 by NikkiKikiZelonss


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  • Momoko.akadutsumi.92

    Many people have been wondering: "How did Mimi become Blossom's daughter?" Well, here is my theory: At some point in the future of the Powerpuff Girls Doujin, due to certain circumstances, Professor Utonium was put in critical condition and on the brink of death. The best doctors of Megaville, even Dexter, could do nothing to save his life and said that only a miracle could save him. As everyone prepared for the worse, Blossom decided that she will save the Professor's life and to do that, she would have make a deal with HIM. In secret, she travelled to the Underworld, and arrived at His domain. After explaining the details, she offered her soul in exchange for saving the Professor's life. Him liked the arrangement and agreed to do that, bu…

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  • Angprinsesangcute

    Im feeling the love of.................... Smexy animated boys!

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  • Hassan sayed 2013


    September 27, 2013 by Hassan sayed 2013


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  • DarKingdomHearts

    Fanmade Pokémon

    September 12, 2013 by DarKingdomHearts

    Hello it's me again. This time because I wanted to share some things with you all. For already a few month's I have been making my own Pokémons, I don't know if there are any Pokémon fans here, but I really wanted to share them with you.

    • Bunneaf - Rabbass - Maplunny

    The Grass starter. The evolution line is based on a bunny combined with leaves. It's secondary element is Fighting. Bunneaf is still a small bunny with short grass hair. It has a flower as tail dot and some kind of leaf boomerang on its back. His fingers and toes are green roots and leaves grow out of the arms covering the fingers.

    Rabass is taller, has sharper roots, leaves covering it feet too and longer boomerang and a braid. The tail is now a lilly. Its ears are also slightly …

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  • Angprinsesangcute
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  • MsAnimemangalover2


    August 26, 2013 by MsAnimemangalover2

    Do the Powerpuff succes to saving the day?

    Find out on :

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  • DarKingdomHearts

    Grim Tales Anime?

    August 21, 2013 by DarKingdomHearts

    Like many of you, I like Grim Tales very very much. I would even like to see an anime based on the comic. Of course the anime wouldn't be so long as something like Naruto or Bleach. But I imagined it being more of the same size as animes like Death Note and Higurashi (maybe even Soul Eater, if the story will become very long). For now I can list episodes as seen in the comics.

    • Episode 1: The Grim Family (chapter 1 complete)
    • Episode 2: Dead Love (chapter 2 complete)
    • Episode 3: Beautiful Death (chapter 3 complete)
    • Episode 4: The Attack (chapter 4 complete)
    • Episode 5: My Sin, Your Sin (chapter 5 complete + first two pages of chapter 6)
    • Episode 6: A New Life (chapter 6 complete)
    • Episode 7: Horror's Hand (chapter 7 till the first page of Mimi's memory)
    • Episode 8: The…

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  • Hassan sayed 2013

    PPGD: Recovery

    August 20, 2013 by Hassan sayed 2013

    hi evry body this are '''''PPGD: Recovery  Click here

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  • GrandMike

    For ppgd rewrite's should I include Elements from Fusionfall

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  • GrandMike

    Mlp in ppgd

    June 8, 2013 by GrandMike

    For yur entertainment

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  • GrandMike

    A treat

    June 7, 2013 by GrandMike

    For those of you who want MLP in ppgd. Here's a little example

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  • GrandMike

    RRB Blaine

    May 28, 2013 by GrandMike

    Boys and Girls meet Blaine

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  • Neww4518

    new characters ideas

    May 23, 2013 by Neww4518

    hey bleedman fans you love 3 comic girm tales powerpuff girls doujinshi sugar bits but i get new idea new characters for 3 comic make  comments you like new characters is powerpuff girl d sugar bits girm tales read backstory powers 

    Dante is the child of an angel named Eva and the demon Sparda, and seemingly hunts down other demons in the twisted shadows of Limbo City, while slowly coming to grips with his ethereal powers. Dante grew up in various institutions, orphanages, youth correction facilities, and foster homes, but these were mostly operated by demons, and often resulted in torture and violence. Dante has therefore developed a deep hatred of demons and authority in general, but tries to stay incognito. In spite of this he attracts a…

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  • DarKingdomHearts

    Hey everyone! I got very obsessed with Mina and the Count and began to make a real show out of it. Still trying to have episodes based around Mina and Vlad playing, but also adding more story in the series and enemies. I'm currently busy with art for the show, starting with the main characters. I will post the pictures at the bottom of the page.

    I found a website where I could make episodes for it, here.

    You can support the idea of making a full show out of it, here and vote for Mina Harper to be in a game, here.

    • Mina ​Harper
    • Vlad the Count
    • Igor
    • Nick Powell
    • Martha Halle

    • Luna
    • Vampire Hunter N
    • Abram Van Hellsing
    • Dreamcaster

    • Victor Frankenstein, Karloff (monster), Mary Frankenstein and FrankenFrog
    • King Tutankhamon
    • Nip the Chinese Spirit
    • Gill-Man
    • Knight the H…

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  • GrandMike

    PPGD Rewrite

    May 19, 2013 by GrandMike

    A while back I wrote a rewrite to the first chapter of ppgd on my deviant art page. For those of you who wanna see. He it is

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  • DarKingdomHearts

    Fallen Heroes

    April 17, 2013 by DarKingdomHearts

    Yeah I started another blog. Just wanted to share some speculations about the Fallen Heroes in Grim Tales. Will do a small pragraph on each character.

    I don't have to really tell something about Blossom I guess. She has been explored pretty good in Grim Tales already. She probably was raped by HIM resulting in the birth of Mimi. Dexter "took care" of Mimi while she was fighting crime in the world. Although being away so much Mimi still loved her but was forced by her father to kill her mother.

    Dexter has also been represented very well. He was assigned to take care of Mimi because she was living with Dexter and Blossom, who probably are married. People say he doesn't care about about Mimi but I think he does. He of course doesn't like Blosso…

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  • Nash alexis

    new ppgd page

    April 13, 2013 by Nash alexis

    there is!

    its called progammable hatred

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  • DarKingdomHearts

    Icon Placement

    April 4, 2013 by DarKingdomHearts

    Don't mind this, just making this as a place where I can drop the icons for the Character Nav.

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  • DarKingdomHearts


    April 3, 2013 by DarKingdomHearts

    I had some spare time and was thinking about making my own concept of an MMORPG game. It will feature many species that have their own sub-species. Let me explain it below.

    The main idea was is that you choose on of the 6 species. During your first period time of playing you can do certain quests to evolve into the sub-species you want to be. You mostly start out with the same quests as everyone and they begin to get much harder when you chose your species. Every species has it's own powers, weapons and abilities. There are many of them giving you much variety.

    In the Story Mode you play as a fairy named Aurora who has to find a cure for her dying mother. However the only thing that can cure her disease resides in the Darken realm. Constance…

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  • Silence4

    I stood there basking in the sun. It felt different. I felt different. An incredible power flowed though me. My mind felt clearer. I was like I've been asleep for a long time and have just finally woken up. I closed my eyes and smiled. Standing between Vehlo and Beleth while my powers were fully released... Memories..Nastalgia..Happiness..Rage. I opened my eyes and frowned. I remembered everything. With my powers, came my sealed memories. This is pay back that has been maturing for nearly a decade. I heard Beleth laugh. "Your quite annoying. You should be died." I sneered at him. "Your just gotta try harder." He got mad and pointed to a group of six demons. "You lot," he pointed at me,"kill him." They charged at me. After they were close e…

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  • Tripegasus

    He i cant make avatar page

    December 21, 2012 by Tripegasus
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  • DarKingdomHearts

    Battle of Brave Hearts is a game based on the webcomic Sugar Bits. It is a fighting game which acts similar to Dissidia Final Fantasy. Every character will have it's own Brave Heart and an unique moveset. Each character has varity of costumes and they also will have rivalry's in the arcade mode (not story mode).

    Name Brave Heart Rival Alternate Costumes
    Hansel Gingerman Blue Flame KO Licorice
    • Pajama
    • Graduate
    • Young

    Princess Ginger Gingerman Monster Bo
    • Pajama
    • Cook
    • Royal Dress

    Bo Bo's Bell Ginger
    • Dream
    • Kung Fu
    • Retro

    Braveun Ultimate Fire Burst Red
    • Revealed

    Cupcake & Mint Mutant Mint Mammon
    • Pajama
    • Battle

    King Golden Armor Bleed Heart
    • Bathrobe

    Princess Licorice Gumball Bazooka Gingerman
    • Cursed Apple
    • Red Lico

    Mammon Woodsmen Nuke Cupcake
    • Brown Suit

    Robin Nemo Assault Hou…

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  • Decimo21

    Bleedman's Comics

    December 7, 2012 by Decimo21

    Grim Tales and PPGD is worth reading. The drawing are awsome. I can't wait for the next page.

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  • Silence4

    Let's see here. I'm standing in the middle of my class with my fiance behind me and everyone staring at us. I didn't even know who she was thirty seconds ago let alone being engaged to her. I slowly looked around at my friends. I'd be laughing at their expressions if I wasn't so baffled. I guess I can blame it on Beleth. He was the one who gave me amnesia. With that, I can blame the amnesia. It is a big factor in my current life and state. Then again, I could blame my mom. I could pretty much assume that she knew that this was going to happen. She did leave me a message saying 'Be Ready'. I rolled my eyes and sighed. Lucians..I think my family's too good at keeping secrets. I could sense it. These secrets will cause a lot of trouble.

    This was…

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  • Mark4518

    two comic crossover ultimate it best  WITH  powerpuff girl d and sugar bits crossover name it sugar bits d 1 ultimate battle 1 ultimate character 1 ultimate battle 2 ultimate evil  to save 2 world and opening 2.05

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