Name Angel
Ruler God
Reside in Heaven
Known characters Redeemer
Stocking Anarchy
Panty Anarchy

Angels are species that reside in Heaven. They are mostly send to Earth to protect people or get them safely to Heaven if they are in a dangerous position. Just as demons, angels come in several forms, so far two specific species have been shown.


Anti-Spawns are Heaven's answer for the Malebolgia's Hellspawn[1]. Just as the hellspawns, anti-spawns are former humans, who had their soul infused with the Elemental Fire, in a process similar to that used in the creation of Hellspawns[1]. The Anti-Spawn is amongst the finest warriors Heaven has to offer, not only potraying great battle prowess[2][3] but also are able to regenerate severed limbs in mere moments[4]. Anti-Spawn has a strong sense of morality and is uncompromising when it comes to follow the Heaven's Law[2], although they appear to be willing change their judgement of people when provided with new evidence[5][6]. They appear to take matters in their own hands, like The Redeemer did when he traveled to Halloween Town on his own accord, to claim Minimandy's soul before the Grim Reaper arrived. He claimed Minnie's soul as he believed that her soul doesn't belong in such a dark place[7].

The Anti-Spawn wear a blue-golden suit, with their head being covered by an eyeless blue mask, with a golden cross in the middle. Anti-Spawns are often refered to as Redeemers. Only one Anti-Spawn has been shown in the comics, so far: The Redeemer III AKA Eddie Frank.

Guardian AngelsEdit

Guardian Angels are angels who help people in difficult periods of their life. They are there to protect people from danger and from themselves. Guardian Angels have certain magical abilities, able to temporary alter reality to allow people experience the value of their life and the impact they have had on the world by showing them how the world would have been if they were never born[8]. So far, one Guardian Angels is shown in the comics: Maurice.


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