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Adam and Jewel
Name Adam
Sex Male
Species Human
Relatives Jewel (future wife)
Noncanon ATTENTION: This article contains non-canon information. This means it isn't in one of the comics and also not planned for the future.
Adam is the boyfriend and future husband of Jewel, a fan character for Grim Tales  He has yet to appear in the comics. Adam is a churchman. Despite his job, he finds himself in love with Jewel enough to ask her to marry him.

Adam lives in the human world that has rebuild itself after the Megaville battle several years ago. He is a rebel that works for a group of supernatural hunters that seeks to prevent another disaster to their world again. But when Jewel comes into his life, everything changes.

Adam rescued Jewel on a rainy night when she became human and was sent to the human world. She lost her ability to walk so with hard work and emotional months of basic steps, she began to take her first steps in a long time. Jewel gave him a kiss on the cheek afterwards.

Two years had past since then and in the middle of a picnic, Adam asks her an important question and showed her an engagement ring. A tearful Jewel happily accepts it. Their first kiss is then shared.

However, Adam did not not know about Jewel being a devil until the realms of the underworld merged with the living world, and Jewel revealed herself to be a half devil.

But despite everything that happened, he doesn't mind at all for what Jewel really is.



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